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Artistic Career     

Member of the Belgian Composers Association (Forum des Compositeurs)

Black Jackets Company Founder (International Society for Arts and Contemporary Creations). 


    B.P. European Music Festival, Leipzig, 1995, July 7 - 20 

    Music Exchanges Quebec-Belgium Festival, Montreal, 1996, February 23 - March 3 

    Ars Musica Festival 1996, Brussels, March 2 - 24 

    Danse en vol [Dans in Flight] Festival, Brussels, 1997, April 11 - 25 

    Festival Resonancias, Brussels, 1997, October 27 - 31 

    9th & 10th Contemporary Music Festivals of Chile, Santiago, 1999, November 21-28 & 2000, November 26-30

    Musique en marge [Fringe Music] Festival, Brussels, 2000, May 26-28 

    Krahnenbaum Company Festival, Köln, 2001, January 9-11

    Ars Musica Festival 2001, Brussels, March 15- April 1

    IX Festival Atempo, Caracas, 2002, July 13-19

    12th Contemporary Music Festivals of Chile, Santiago, 2002, November 18-23

    IPEM 40!, Gand,  2003, October 17-18

    Festival Syntono, Paris, November 2003

    Tournée ‘La Pluma de Hu’, Paris, Bruxelles, Madrid,  Milan, June – September 2004

    Festival van Vlanderen, Leuven, October 2004

    Festival Kulturama, Leuven, 2005, February 17-19

    Festival ‘Danse Balsa Marni’, Brussels, 2005, June 1-25

    IMMIKS PROJECT2005-2008

    V Festival de musica contemporanea 2007, Cordoba (Arg.), November 19 - 24

    Ars Musica Festival 2008, Brussels, April 8 – 24

    Festival Loop I : Opening concert, Brussels 2008, November 29

    Festival Théâtre Jeune Public, Huy (Be) 2010, August 23

    Focus Compositeur 2011, Brussels 2011, May 8

    VIII Festival de musica contemporanea : Opening concert 2011, Cordoba (Arg.), November 1 - 9

    World First Performances in Argentina, Belgium, Canada, Chile, France, Germany, Great Britain, Greece, Italy, Russia, Romania, Spain, The Netherlands and Venezuela



Composition Competitions 

    Winner of the World Kinespace Centre Competition with IMMIKS PROJECT, 2005

    Italian Prix de Rome, Accademia di Santa Cecilia, Italy, 1996

    Prizewinners of The Horlait-Dapsens Composition Competition, Belgium, 1994

    Belgian Artistic and Musical Promotion Award, Belgium, 1994

    Laureate of The Younger European Composers Competition, Germany, 1995

    Prizewinner in Competition for the Commemoration of the 50th Birthday of the Camps Liberation, Belgium, 1995




    Composition: Tchaikowsky Conservatoire of Moscow with E. Denissov, 1993.

    Composition, Musical Informatic and Electronic Laboratory: Accademia Chigiana di Siena with F. Donatoni, W. Prati, G. Magnanensi, E. Morricone, 1994.

    Composition: Hochschule für Musik F. Mendelssohn of Leipzig, Younger European Composers Workshop, 1995.



Pedagogic Experience     




Publications (in French)   




    1997 Université libre de Bruxelles (Free University of Brussels):  
                    Arts and Archeology History 'Licence avec Grande Distinction' (Master with honour). 

    1996 Accademia nazionale Santa Cecilia di Roma (with Maestri Franco Donatoni and Azio Corghi) 
                    First Prix de Rome.  

    1995 Université libre de Bruxelles (Free University of Brussels):  
                    Arts and Archeology History 'Candidature avec Grande Distinction' (Bachelor with honour). 

    1995 - 1988 Royal Music Conservatoire of Brussels:  
                    First Prize in Composition and Orchestration with honour; 
                    First Prizes in Fugue, Conterpoint, Harmony and Music History; 
                    Higher Graduate in Music Notation with honour – 'Prix supérieur de Solfège avec Distinction'; 
                    Awards in Piano and Chamber Music. 

    1994 - 1993 Royal Music Conservatoire of Liege
                    First Prize in Organ. 






Artistic Career 
Pedagogy & Publications 




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